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Tenerife Attractions

In addition to the standard "see Tenerife in a day" type trips run by most of the major tour operators, these are a few of the islands other attractions that may be worth a visit:

Aqualand Costa Adeje
The Aqualand Costa Adeje waterpark and dolphinarium is situated in the Costa Adeje area of Playa de la Americas. The park is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 and features all the expected slides including "kamakaze", "foam", and slower lazy river type slides. A free bus services from Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas operates everyday as follows:
Cristianos 1 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30
Paradise Park 9:35, 10:35 and 11:35
San Telmo 9:35, 10:35 and 11:35
Hotel Isla Bonita 9:55, 10:55 and 11:55
Hotel Guayamina Princess 9:55, 10:55 and 11:55
Hotel Esmeralda 9:50, 10:50 and 11:50
Parada Titsa Palm Beach 9:45, 10:45 and 11:45
CC Presidente 9:45, 10:45 and 11:45
Tenerife Princess 9:55, 10:55 and 11:55
Although buses do operate for the return journey, remember that everyone else in the park will be leaving at the same time as you, and not all nationalities observe the queuing ethos as the British do. Local taxis are fully aware of the business opportunity that exists when the water park closes, so this may be another option home worth considering. For the independent traveler, the aqua park is situated on exit 29 on the main TF1 motorway. During high season the queues for the slides can become long, and height restrictions do apply on some of the faster slides. During busy days perhaps the best time to get on the more popular slides is during the daily dolphin shows. The park has extensive catering facilities and you are not encouraged to bring your own food into the attraction. A word of caution, whatever skin type you are the probability is that you will get burnt by the sun. Cover up with high protection sun cream on a regular basis. The water used in the park is salt water and this will strip all sun cream from your body with relative easy on ever slide you go on. The park has extensive sun terraces and sun beds, but the cost of these is NOT included in your entrance fee. Contact details are:
Aspro Ocio Canarias SL
Avda de Austria,15
San Eugenio Alto
Costa Adeje
Telephone: +34 922 715 266
Fax: +34 922 714 803
Web site: www.aqualand.es

Perhaps more suited for a visit on a cloudy day are the Jardines de Atlantico situated just outside Los Cristianos. They are open daily from around 10:00 and offer a free bus from the resorts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas for the short trip to the nearby village of Buzanada. Your trip around includes commentary by an English speaking guide and lasts around an hour. In amongst the banana plantations they have a model of Tenerife that explains the water system. At the end of your visit they have a small shop selling banana related products and a cafe. Contact details are:
Jardines del Atlantico
Autopista Salida 26
Telephone: +34 922 720 403
Fax: +34 922 720 522
Email: bananera@iedatos.es

Bob Diving
Bob diving is a type of underwater scooter. Whilst they claim "everybody can do it", you will need to be over 5ft tall, aged 12+, be able to swim and put you head underwater to get into the scooter. The trip runs out of Puerto Colon harbour and lasts around 2 hours in total, during this time you will be underwater for about 30 minutes. The cost per person is 44 Euro, which works out at a little over £40. Contact details are:
Puerto Colon, Pier no. 4
Playa de Las Americas
Telephone: +34 670 839 516
Web site: www.bob-diving.com
Email: info@bob-diving.com

Camel Park
Open daily from around 10:00 to 17:00 with a free bus services from both Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. Not perhaps so suitable for the infirm or those that easily suffer from sea sickness. The ride lasts for about 40 minutes around the fields that surround the farm. The camel park has a small cafe selling the usual range of snacks and drinks. Contact details are:
Camel Park
Los Cristianos
Telephone: +34 922 721 080
Fax: +34 922 721 121
Web site: www.camelparktenerife.com
Email: info@camelpark.es

Freebird One
Based at the Puerto Colon marina, Freebird One is a luxury 30 metres long and 14 metres wide catamaran. With a price tag in excess of 3 million Euros, Freebird One is without doubt the largest and most impressive boats in the marina and was custom built in France for the sole purpose of carrying passengers onto the Atlantic Ocean.
The catamaran is licenced to carry a maximum of 196 passengers, including both an upper and lower decks as well as a Fly bridge where is it possible to observe the whales, dolphins, as well as being able to watch the captain at work.
Accompanied by English speaking guides, the excursion follows the coastline north, sailing past the resorts of Playa Paraiso, and Callao Salvaje, where it anchors under the cliffs and a buffet lunch is served along with free drinks. After lunch guests can then swim off the back of the boat. Contact details are:
Freebird One
Local 227B Puerto Colon
Telephone: +34 922 716 864
Fax: +34 922 724 052
Web site: www.freebirdone.com

Karting Las Americas
Not to be confused with the Karting Club which is near to the airport, Karting Las Americas is around a 5 minute drive from the centre of the resort at Lagos de Fanabe. It's open every day from 9am to 10pm, and as with most attractions on the island free mini buses run from the centre of Playa de las Americas. Contact details are:
Telephone: +34 922 713 096

Karting Tenerife
The Karting Club de Tenerife is situated approx 7km from Los Cristianos, just off the TF1 Motorway on the road to Guaza - Las Chafiras. A free bus services operates from the centre of Playa de las Americas, and also a free mini bus service is available from most hotel receptions on request. The track is of international standard and has 5 different models of kart for hire upon age and experience. In addition for those not racing, you will find a bar, cafeteria and extensive viewing terraces. Contact details are:
Karting Club Tenerife
Carretera del Cho
Autopista del Sur
Telephone: +34 922 730 703
Fax: +34 922 730 287
Web site: www.kartingtenerife.com
Email: info@kartingtenerife.com

Las Aguilas Jungle Park
If you only visit one place during your visit, make it the Las Aguilas Jungle Park. Set high in the hills behind the resort of Los Cristianos in 75,000 sq. metres of tropical gardens you will need a full day to see all the attractions. The park has a number of demonstrations and shows running throughout the day, including parrot shows, penguin feeding time and a free flying eagle demonstration. You are warned not to eat during this show for very good reasons, but some will choose to ignore the advice, just don't sit next to them! Parque Las Aguilas is open all year with free buses operating from Los Cristianos and Playa Las Americas. Contact details are:
Las Aguilas Jungle Park
Los Cristianos
Telephone: +34 922 729 010
Fax: +34 922 729 362
Web site: www.aguilasjunglepark.com
Email: comercial@aguilasjunglepark.com

Loro Parque
Loro Parque is Tenerife's most popular wildlife centre and receives more than 1.3 million visitors each year. Situated at outskirts of the northern resort of Puerto da la Cruz it is home to the largest parrot collection in the world and the biggest dolphinarium in Europe. If parrots are not your thing, you'll also find gorillas, jaguars and some huge tigers. The latest additions to the park are penguin island and the newly opened Orca Ocean featuring 4 killer whales that were born at Sea World, USA. Throughout the day visitors are entertained with parrot, dolphin and sea lion shows, which at peak times can become very crowded. So, arrive early to get the best pool side seats. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the park is the aquarium which houses over 20,000 marine animals including some enormous sharks which are viewed through a sub-aquatic Plexiglas tunnel. The park has a large number of pizzeria, restaurants and shops and is open every day of the year. Loro Parque is open daily from 08:30 to 17:00, and for those on holiday in Puerto de la Cruz a free "road train" operates every 20 minutes from the Playa Martinez in the centre of the resort. Contact details are:
Loro Parque
Puerto de la Cruz
Telephone: +34 922 373 841
Fax: +34 922 375 021
Web site: www.loroparque.com

Monkey Park
Described as the "biggest little zoo in the World", the Monkey Park Tenerife is an international breeding centre for endangered species of primates. Situated less than a 5 minute drive from the centres of both Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas, the Monkey Park offers visitors the opportunity to interact with, and feed a wide variety of animals including iguanas, toucans, lemurs, squirrel monkeys, marmossets and parrots. The Monkey Park is open each day from around 9.30am to 5.00pm and contact details for more information are:
The Monkey Park
Entre Guaza y Los Cristianos
Tenerife Sur
Telephone: +34 922 790 720
Web site: www.monkeypark.com

Poker Chip Charter
Based at the Puerto Colon marina, Poker Chip is a Medline III rigid inflatable boat. Cruising at speeds up to 20 knots, Poker Chip is an exclusive crowd free 3 hour sea life safari and cruise where you get to enjoy a bit of everything. A typical 3 hour trip or charter will take you out 3 - 4 miles before cruising parallel to the coast until level with Playa Paraiso. From here it's back towards the coast and on to El Puertito to eat, relax and swim (here you have your chance of snorkeling with turtles). Contact details for more information and booking are:
Poker Chip Charter
Puerto Colon
Telephone: +34 616 971 613
Web site: www.pokerchipcharter.com

Quad Park
The Quad Park is the only facility in Tenerife to offer 100% off road quading. Set in over 200,000 sq mts of land, their quading trails wind through beautiful and natural surroundings. All of their quads are fully automatic, and all helmets and safety glasses are provided. A typical 35 minute ride on their basic circuit costs €28 per person, with children aged between 6 to 12 riding as passengers, going free of charge. Contact details for more information and bookings is:
The Quad Park sl
Finca Morro Negro No. 20
CTR General
La Camella
Telephone: +34 922 725 176
Fax: +34 922 726 218

Quad Safari
The Quad Safari takes you 800m up the mountains behind Playa de las Amerias on Polaris 250cc 30HP 4 wheeled quad bikes. You will need to have a class B1 driving licence to drive the machines. They run 3 types of trip ranging from 45 minutes through to a full 3 hours. Contact details are:
Quad Safari
CC Malibu Park, L8
Playa de las Americas
Telephone: +34 922 714 596
Fax: +34 922 719 592
Web site: www.quad-tenerife.com

Royal Delfin and Tropical Delfin
When visiting Tenerife, sailing to see the dolphins and whales is a definite must. Certified by the Tenerife Island Council, the Royal Delfin/Tropical Delfin are the only glass bottom catamarans based in Puerto Colon. Accompanied by English speaking guides, the 4.1/2 hour excursion follows the coastline north, sailing past the resorts of Playa Paraiso, Callao Salvaje, Playa de la Arena, Puerto Santiago and Los Gigantes, where it anchors under the cliffs in the Bay of Masca and a buffet lunch is served along with free drinks. After lunch guests can then swim off the back of the boat amidst the multitude of colourful fish. The fantastic advantage of this boat is that passengers can walk around the spacious sun decks undisturbed or alternatively view the dolphins and whales from large underwater areas where one can imagine being in a giant aquarium under and around the boat. Underwater cameras also keep track of everything for those who prefer to observe the show from the upper deck. Contact details for more information and advance booking is:
Royal Delfin and Tropical Delfin
Nostramo sa
CC Ocean Center 15
Playa de las Americas
Telephone: +34 922 750 085
Web site: www.tenerifedolphin.com

Siam Park
Surrounded by sub-tropical vegetation and basking in the sunshine of the south of the island, the Siam Park Water Kingdom is the newest and most exciting water park in Europe, offering visitors to Tenerife a choice of 14 major water attractions and 5 bars and restaurants, which are suitable for the whole family. On entering the park, visitors are met by the friendly sea-lions who have relocated from the Loro Parque in the north of the island, and nearby the Koi Carp swim peacefully in the crystal clear waters below the Thai floating market. For the more adventurous visitor, the park is also filled with adrenaline pumping attractions, such as the jaw-dropping "Tower of Power", which features a near vertical 28 metre free fall drop, before passing through a mysterious aquarium, along with a lagoon producing artificial waves up to 3 metres in height. The Siam Park opens each day at 10am, and free buses run every 30 minutes from Adeje, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. For more information and admission prices contact details are:
The Siam Park
Costa Adeje
Telephone: +34 902 060 000
Web site: www.siampark.net

Submarine Safaris
The San Miguel Marina is the mooring point of The Sub Fun Cinco submarine. For the technically minded, the Sub Fun Cinco is 1 of only 5 Mark II tourist submarines that were built by the Mobimar Corporation of Finland and is 18.5m long, can safely dive to a depth of 60m and cruise at 2 knots, whilst carrying a maximum of 48 passengers plus a crew of 2. A trip on The Sub Fun Cinco usually lasts around 50 minutes, during which you will normally be submerged for around 40 minutes, and departs throughout the day from 10am. For more information and prices contact details are:
Submarine Safaris
Galeria Comercial Aguamarina
Avda. del Atlántico No.6
Urb Golf del Sur
San Miguel de Abona
Telephone: +34 922 736 629
Web site: www.submarinesafaris.com

Tenerife Off Road Buggy Excursions
An exciting way to see the undiscovered parts of Tenerife is by buggy. Tenerife Off Road Buggy Excursions offer a total of 7 two seaters buggy's, all of which are fully automatic and fitted with four-point safety belts. Although a full UK driving license is required for the driver, passengers can be from 12 years and upwards.
Two types of excursion are offered, these are "The Discovery Tour" - This is an on road only tour, leaving from Abades, stopping off at the Queseria at Poris de Abona, followed by a scenic drive full of barrancos, caves and picturesque villages, stopping off for lunch at a typical Canarian local bar and including a visit to the Bodega Cumbre de Abona in Arico to finish off the tour.
The other is "The Abades Adventure" - This tour is mostly off road, stopping off to explore the abandoned leper village at Abades, a barbecue on a pretty local village for lunch, followed by a swim in the sea (if desired) before the return journey making our way through pretty fishing villages, making the most of the offroad tracks through barrancos which link the villages. Contact details for more information and booking are:
Tenerife Off Road Buggy Excursions
Calle Bejuco 2
Tejina de Isora
Las Galletas
Telephone: +34 678 364 392
Web site: www.tenerifeoffroad.es
Email: tenerife.offroad@gmail.com

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